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restricted rights (2012)


Restricted Rights is a report commissioned by UK-based NGO War on Want, and presents the findings from a series of in-depth interviews with migrant women employed in the garment and electronic industry supply chains in three ASEAN countries. Research was carried out by the Asian Migrant Centre, in collaboration with the MAP Foundation, Legal Support for Children and Women, Workers’ Hub for Change, Burma Campaign – Malaysia and the Mekong Migration Network. The research reveals a common tale of precarious lives lived out in the face of state oppression and exploitation by negligent companies and greedy employers. It uncovers how Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia have reaped huge economic benefits off the back of migrant labour. Yet the same countries continue to refuse migrant workers the rights and security that are their due. Also included in this study are interviews with grassroots organizations that have been working tirelessly to facilitate migrants’ access to justice and promote their rights in the workplace and wider society. Published 2012.


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