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from our eyes (2012)


From Our Eyes is a collection of diverse personal stories, insight and analysis from 15 migrants, on their lives over the past 12 years. The book was published in August 2012, and includes experiences of migrants from various Mekong countries, and industries including fisheries, sex worker, factories, construction, mining and domestic work. Important perspectives are conveyed on the practical impact of migrant- related policies, with the hope of countering a general lack of recognition of migrant voices in the public forums. A migrant leader from the Worker Solidarity Association (WSA) highlights the importance of recognizing migrant voices, opinions and analysis:


The policies and regulations relating to migrant workers have made our lives sometimes sweet, sometime bitter. We would like to suggest that governments create policies that solve real problems and create public benefits, and do not ruin the lives of migrants. As we migrant speak out through this publication, we hope that the relevant authorities will hear us and reflect our opinions in their policy making.



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